Horse Accessories: Does This Saddle Make My Butt Look Big?

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Why is it when our DORs buy horse accessories like saddles they are so worried about how they look in it? To heck with the human, what about me? My DOR calls me the WWB – wide white butt – that can hurt a sensitive guy’s feelings. She says it is because when she pulls up to the pasture the first thing she sees is my big ol’ spotted hiney out in the field. I inherited my mom’s big butt, I can’t help it.

So DOR saddles me up, and we are going to play in the arena. I have a nice saddle. It has a bit of decoration without being overdone, and it doesn’t hurt my back. I am busy teaching the DOR how to make turns properly, to go between obstacles without being worried, how to stop appropriately, and not to get frightened when the lid of the BluKot spray can comes popping off in the heat. I hear a bit of snickering … Freedom is hanging out watching and laughing. Okay, so the DORs bright pink helmet is a bit embarrassing, but it is on her … why is he giggling at me? What, what, WHAT! Then it hits me-the saddle makes my butt look big! Okay that is not going to work at all. I stand a bit taller, if I can clear 15.2 hands it will help. I puff my sides out so my butt isn’t so big looking, and I work to make sure my butt is always viewed at an angle to make it look a bit thinner.

So, I get done with the DOR’s lesson for the day. She did everything I asked, and I am hopeful she will be just fine. Get back in the pasture and finally breath normally, only to find out the old guy was laughing because I broke a sweat – not my big butt. Well, it is hard work trying to train a DOR. I think I will invite Freedom to the next lesson just to see what he can accomplish with her. After all, I am cleaning up the mess he has made in the past three years.

Enjoy your day, and don’t forget to hug your DOR!