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From the July/August 2018 issue:

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Bringing Home the Bees
With a swarm trap for wild bees, you won’t need to pay top dollar for bee nucs or packages.

The ‘Ivan’ Tomato Rescue Project
How one grower went from kitchen window to market booth, and helped a cultivar go from the brink of extinction to success story.

Lookin’ Sharp
Keep your kitchen knives in toptop shape with this expert advice for honing, sharpening, and more.

Dairy Goats in Training
Follow this advice to enjoy the rewards of raising well-trained milk goats.

Pond Management 101
Take care of your water resources, and they’ll take care of you.

Reclaiming Land for Wildlife Habitat
Whether for recreational enjoyment or hunting purposes, put some life back into reclaimed land.


Our View
Growing Up Country.

Mail Call
Enjoying the Fruits of our Labor; Sourdough English Muffins; Old Barn Revival; Early Entrepreneur; Sharing the GRIT; The Pig Who Lived.

Friends & Neighbors
Looking for Corn Seeds; English Fuchsia; Pen Pals; T-Shirt Quilt; Apple Cheese Pie and DIY Grain Mill; DIY Wheel-Mounted Wire Winder from our friends at Farm Show.

GRIT Gazette: Hometown Buzz
USFWS Duck Stamp Contest
SWCS Conference
Seed School
Treatment-Free Beekeeping
Fourth of July in Virginia

Gazette: Bringing Back the Barter System
Foster a sense of community with no-cash trading.

Comfort Foods: Freshly Picked
Celebrate summer with these sweet and savory fruit recipes

Country Tech: Small-Scale Tillage Tools
Get your ground ready for planting with these tillage implements for small to midsize tractors.

In the Shop: Potting Bench Plans
Build a potting bench with everything… and the kitchen sink.

Sow Hoe: Just Peachy
The best peach you’ll ever eat is waiting at the fruit stand down the street.

In the Wild: Summer Glow
Learn how fireflies produce their signature “glow,” and what you can do to attract them to your urban property.

American Heirlooms: Harnessing Horseradish
Learn how to grow, prepare, and use this powerful kitchen condiment.

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