Bottle-fed Calves, Hatched Eggs, and Ornery Goats

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Well, once again it’s been nonstop here. We are at that point that we are starting to wonder if it’s all worth it. There’s so much work, and it just never stops. We don’t have 2 minutes to ourselves. We have decided as a family tonight that we are going to set a day or evening where we are going to do something for just the family. The problem is finding that day.

Today was a beautiful day, as has been the last week. I hope that spring is finally here. The goats were happy outside and I cleaned out the chicks and the greenhouse. J. did the chicken coop.

The piglets are doing great. Someone came and picked one up after they were only one week old. We didn’t guaranteee that one. The person understood. Dave finally made a door for Wilbur so he can go outside and divided the pen with electric wire. Now we know why people tell us to put a barricade on the OUTSIDE of the electric fence. When you train pigs to the electric fence they actually run into the fence if zapped. They don’t back away from it like a normal animal. Charlotte ran through it and broke it twice! Sometimes pigs aren’t the brightest bulbs in the bunch.

Well Otis is here! He’s the cutest. I have no idea how we are going to eat him this fall after bottle feeding him and cuddling him. I know we shouldn’t … but how can we not! I mean look at him. He’s got big beautiful eyes and such long eyelashes.

I think this is the part where I become vegetarian.

We’ve been bottle feeding him twice a day now, and I’ve also started teaching him how to eat grain. He prefers slobbering all over me to eating the grain at the moment.

Esme and Whisper are now forever buddies. I have tried putting Febe in, but she terrorizes the poor things. Even outside she bullies her. I’m not liking that. J. is having a ball, though. They love him especially when he shows up with treats!

After much anticipation we have a grand total of 19 chicks! I put 53 to hatch and we had 20. One died after a day. This might not be a good average, but compared to last year it’s fabulous! Last year I put 30 eggs twice and got only 3 chicks. We were so disappointed. So 19 is pretty good.

Last week they demolished 3 buildings from our downtown area. It’s really sad to see them go. They’ve been there for 60+ years. They were ready to crumble since nobody was taking care of them. Most of the buildings in Weymouth are built over the water, so they’re on cribbing. Needless to say if it’s not taken care of the cribbing rots.

They’re planning on building an industrial building there. I had to give them ideas of color schemes. I think they liked a few of them.

I was so excited yesterday. I have flowers coming up!! My garlic is also starting. I was worried about the garlic, since I had planted it so late in the season. We actually had a snow storm the day after.

My tomato plants didn’t do all that well. They all sprouted up, stayed nice for a few days, then flopped over. It looked like a little forest going TIMBER!!!! At work we have a horticulturalist on staff, and she told me it’s call “damping off.” It’s a fungus. So I have to sterilize the pots and start over again. Wonderful.

Well I think that’s all I’ve got for this week. I know I’m probably forgetting something, but…oh well.

Have a Blessed Day!