May/June 2014 Issue

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From the May/June 2014 issue:

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Grow Glorious Greens
Make greens the delicious backbone of your year-round garden with these tips.

The Truth About Old Wives’ Tales
A humorous look at those catchy little sayings.

Growing Your Chicken Flock
An illuminating tale from a couple of incubating greenhorns.

Growing Good Food Together
Farming is much more than a profession at La Vista CSA Farm.

Diggin’ for Culinary Gold
With some land, a healthy dose of patience, and a good dog, you too can reap the rewards of the delicious European Truffle.

Gone Fishin’
Humorous expert advice  from a terrible fisherman.

Top Backyard Chicken Problems
Prevention and treatment techniques for common chicken problems.


Our View
Hay Days

Mail Call 
What Do We Have Here?; Cast-iron Heritage; Cast-iron Cleaning; Tomato Tips; Calling All Collies; Sheltered Dogs; Young Farmers Inspire; Beware of the Coffeetree; Life on the Farm

Friends & Neighbors
Home-Built Root Cellar Also a Storm Shelter and Corn Smut Grown as High-Value Crop
From our friends at Farm Show

From GRIT Gazette:
Hometown Buzz

Putting the Pigs to Pasture
A Slow Stroll
Gather ‘Round the Fire
America’s Next Cash Crop?
Celebrating Heirloom Seeds

Growing Community

Recipe Box: Let Us Eat Cake
Today’s popular chocolate cake took a while to become a widespread hit.

American Heirlooms: Plant Heirloom Cucumbers in the Garden
Sliced or pickled, ‘cukes’ are a delightful and delicious addition to any growing space.

Comfort Foods: Pass the Sauce
Craft your own real-food condiments from scratch.

Country Tech: Digging in the Dirt
Whether you need to break new ground or prepare a proper seed bed, there’s a tilling tool perfect for the job.

In the Shop: Build a Compost Tumbler
Rapidly rot your way to rich and healthy garden soil.

Sow Hoe: Sweet, Savory Sweet Potatoes
Learn how to grow, harvest, cook and store your favorite varieties.

In the Wild: A Squirrel’s Life
Throwing acorns and scolding passersby from the treetops, these woodland critters are a familiar sight across North America.