Using Sawmill Lumber or I Knew My Floor When It Was a Tree

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Another ongoing project we have here on the farm is the wood for the downstairs floors.

The wood goes on quite a journey.

This is my husband putting the boards he has run through the planer in the barn loft to finish curing.

It began last summer when we cut the trees at the back of the property to use for the chicken house.

We went ahead and cut extra to use on the floors.

We hauled the logs up to the sawmill.

Where my husband cut the logs into slabs on the farm’s sawmill.

Then cut the slabs into boards on the table saw.

Then … stacked the boards so air could get between them to dry the moisture out.

So that by spring time we can start putting the new boards down.

Here is the kitchen floor that we did a few years back. From scratch.

I knew the kitchen floor when it was an oak tree.

The trees we are using for the other floors are poplar, black gum, sweet gum, sycamore and oak. We thought it would be pretty to use different types and colors of wood.

We have the wood floors down in the living room now and hope to finish the downstairs floors this spring.

Just one of many projects. Life is never dull here on the farm.

Have a great day!