Unique Gifts for Dad

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Autoloader Multi-Bit Screwdriver
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Take your power charger on the road with the Power Station Traveler.
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The Sanctuary is a power station and a desk valet.
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The Watts Up? Electricity Meter will help you save money.
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Cushion-Grip Crimper
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Cushion-Grip Nut Drivers
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Cushion-Grip Screwdrivers
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Pelican iPod Micro Case
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Cushion-Grip Pliers

Finding the perfect, not so “been there, done that” gift for Dad can be a challenge at best. To help America’s families thrill Dad with gifts he’ll “really” love this year, CableOrganizer.com offers this group of gotta-get-it gadgets and gear that will ensure he’s duly appreciative all year through:

Autoloader® Multi-Bit Screwdriver with 31-Piece Bit Set

This revolutionary screwdriver allows Dad to change bits in just seconds. Simply pull back the handle, select the desired bit from those stored in the screwdriver’s body and push the handle forward. The bit of choice is instantly loaded. ($44.90) 

‘The Sanctuary’ Power Charging Station and Desk Valet Combo

A refuge for PDAs, cell phones and MP3 players, The Sanctuary has 12 built-in connections compatible with more than 1,500 of today’s most popular electronic devices, including a USB connection providing hundreds of possibilities. ($103.20) 

Logitech LX300 Ergonomic Cordless Keyboard and Mouse

Help Dad eliminate frustrating and unsightly cable clutter from his work space. This high-tech duo is ergonomically designed for comfort and typing ease. The optical mouse ensures Dad can avoid those misbehaving navigation balls. ($52.95)

Power Station Traveler Multi-Gadget Charger

From cell phones to iPods to handheld GPS systems, gadgets reign supreme in many households. But, most need to be charged to remain functional. For the dad with so many gadgets to charge but so little time, multi-device chargers such as The Power Station Traveler™, which can charge up to three small portable devices simultaneously, allow the recipient to tote an array of fully functional electronics with ease. ($32.99)

Watts up? Electricity Meter

Eco-sensitive dads will love saving money on rising energy costs with this handy device. The Watts Up™ electricity meter will determine what each standard 120 volt AC electric device costs to operate. No more guesswork about how much it’ll cost to power something over a short or long span of time. These types of electricity meters will quickly display the wattage and the electrical usage cost of the appliance. ($72.95 to $195.95) 

16-ounce Dual Auto/USB Heated Mug

Simply plug the heater mug’s power cord into a computer’s USB port or vehicle’s 12V DC power outlet and the beverage stays warm indefinitely. Durable stainless steel construction ensures good insulation while the protective thermostat control maintains a safe temperature. ($39.36) 

Cushioned 7-Piece Hand Tool Sets

Sets contain a convenient selection of popular screwdrivers and nut drivers complete with a deluxe Cushion-Grip designed for extra-long, dependable service and unbeatable comfort. Color-coded cap identifies hex size. The comfortable Cushion-Grip is locked around a solid plastic handle. (From $50.47)

Suede Deerskin Work Gloves

These gloves make any work comfortable for the hands with their soft, form-fitting design and pile lining. ($35.52)

Top-Grain Leather Tool Bags & Totes

Made from high-quality leather, these attractive and functional Klein® Tool bags come in various sizes, allowing for multiple uses and versatility along with long-lasting durability. (From $32.43)

Waterproof Tool Boxes & Storage Cabinets

Dad does need a place to keep his gear, after all. Greenlee’s small storage boxes provide protection for small tools and supplies. Much more durable than a mere tool bucket, this robust storage box has heavy-duty hinges and chain connector to hold the lid in position. Compact side handles make for effortless portability of this unit. (From $374.81)

Logitech® Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Control

Designed with brushed chrome and charcoal accents, a 64k Color LCD display, and a low-profile recharging station, the Logitech Harmony® 880 Remote will match Dad’s most advanced audio-video components. The Harmony® 880 Remote features a comfort grip shape and a centered directional pad to fit easily in his hand and naturally guide him to the most frequently used controls. The sculpted buttons are easy to locate by touch. ($216 through June)

LCD display monitor mounts

These nifty computer monitor mounts will free up valuable desk space and relieve the eye, neck, and back strain of viewing LCD monitors. Adjustable LCD monitor mount arms, stands and wall mounts are a great gift that keeps on giving. ($79.99 to $ 329.99)

Pelican iPod® Micro Case

This crushproof, watertight case is a perfect solution to protect Dad’s iPod Shuffle™, Nano™ or Classic or other MP3 player, or even his iPod Touch and iPhone™, from travel wear and tear, accidental drops, spills and other damage. ($23.59-$31.69)

Label Printers

While a label printer may not be on every dad’s “gotta have it” wish list, these nifty gadgets are actually a luxury that quickly hook people once they own one. Perhaps the most versatile gadget on earth, with dozens of makes and models to choose from, label printers have myriad possible uses both personal and professional. From filing systems to scrapbooking to luggage tags to storage containers to love notes, this unexpected gift is a sure-fire winner. ($7.99 to $799.99)