Truck Accessories

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The AMP Research Bed X-Tender offers an easy-to-use tailgate extender.
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The AMP Research Power Step in use.
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A close-up view of the AMP Research BedStep.
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The AMP Reserach BedStep in use.

Whether landscaping and gardening are your passion or your profession, one thing is for certain: you don’t just drive your truck to get around; you use your truck to get the job done.  It’s your No. 1 ‘must-have’ tool and a staple in your daily life.  So, why not make your truck better so you can work harder and more efficiently?  AMP Research, known in the automotive world as experts at finding simple, functional solutions to complex design challenges, has three amazing truck accessories that are made just for you.

The AMP Research Power Step is the smarter, safer alternative to getting in and out of the cab of your truck or SUV and provides easy entry into the vehicle with the opening of any door. Open the door and this full-length running board automatically extends to the perfect step height. Shut the door, and the Power Step automatically tucks safely out of site under the truck with no loss of ground clearance while maintaining the smooth lines of the vehicle. With an integrated LED light system and over 20 applications to fit your vehicle, the AMP Research Power Step is made in USA and backed by a 5-year/60,000 mile warranty.

The AMP Research Bed X-Tender™ has long been a favorite for those who really work with their trucks. With the Bed X-Tender in place, now you can carry that large load of mulch and all of your tools in one load.  The easy-to-use mounting brackets lock this versatile tailgate enclosure in place or allow it to be completely removed for loading tillers and other oversized equipment. Flipped forward with the tailgate up creates a smaller contained area to keep potted plants or gear from sliding around the pickup bed while driving. Made of high-strength aluminum, it is even strong enough to double as a bench or stool when working.

The AMP Research BedStep® is the easy, practical way to access your lawn and garden spoils from your truck bed, even when towing a trailer. Unlike other hitch-mounted steps, the AMP Research BedStep mounts to the side and cleverly works with the tailgate up or down, when towing or not, allowing you access whenever you need it.  Made of high-strength aluminum alloy that is anodized and Teflon® powder-coated for long-term durability, the BedStep is a no drill, bolt-on process to install which is perfect for the DIYer.  AMP’s patented step utilizes a spring-loaded cam to deploy with an easy nudge of the foot.  Step up safely, grab what you need and then with the tap of a foot, the BedStep will retract and stow securely under your bumper.  If you are constantly getting in and out of your truck bed, the BedStep from AMP Research is another ‘must-have’ tool.

AMP Research genuine truck accessories are made in United States and are available for most popular trucks including Ford F-Series; Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram; Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra and Tacoma. For more information, visit the website or call toll-free 888-983-2209.