Trimmer Plate Stops Grass From Wrapping

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Courtesy FARM SHOW
A slotted metal cutter plate replaces trimmer line-cutting guard to keep grass from wrapping.

Glen Buxengard has the answer for grass wrapping around a trimmer shaft: His slotted cutter plate replaces the line-cutting guard and solves a problem for Buxengard.

“I was cutting grass 12 to 14 inches high, and it would wind up around the shaft,” he recalls. “I had to stop every 3 or 4 feet to clean it away.”

His solution was to cut a 5-inch-diameter disc out of 1/8-inch steel, with a hole in the center to match the mounting end of the shaft. He cut slots about halfway to the center and turned them up at the edges.

“When the long grass starts to wind, the slots cut it again,” says Buxengard. “It prevents 99 percent of the grass from winding up on the shaft.”

Reprinted with permission fromFARM SHOW Magazine.

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