Some Assembly Required: Wiring the Storage Area

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Through out the years of putting together late night Christmas items and flat box furniture, I have become quite familiar with the term “Some Assembly Required.” So it is that all home projects are ladened with assembly required. My storage area project was not exempt.

With out farther ado lets get started wiring a storage area shall we? The first item was the mounting of the wall switch box and wiring the single pole single throw switch. This is about as easy as it gets for wiring a switch. Yes that is an aluminum can crusher mounted on the wall. It hasn’t been used in about a decade since I’ve quit drinking pop/soda/soda pop (depending on what part of the country your in).

With all the wire run from one box to another the actual connecting wires together begins. This next box is the busiest box in the wiring project. It’s where all the wires come together and one light is mounted.

A little time has to be taken to figure out just what needs to be connected to what. After some time the task is completed.

With everything neatly tucked into the box, the next step is to connect the fixture and mount it to the ceiling box. Now in true Hank fashion I am for cheap cheap cheap. The fixture purchased was a shop light which has a plug wire and chains to hang from ceiling screws. It’s much cheaper than a light designed to mount right onto the ceiling box. The shop light had to be modified. The plug cord was removed and the fixture was wired directly into the circuit. Hopefully all is well when the smoke test is done.

All that’s left now is to wire and mount the fixture, insert the bulbs, and tie the circuit into the circuit breaker power. The auxiliary lighting is in place and the power is cut to the circuit being worked on. With quiet anticipation the moment of truth has come. The breaker is flipped to on. A moment of darkness follows the powerup and the light blinks on and floods the area with the brightest light this area has seen in 45 years. A flip of the wall switch extinguishes the light and another flip turns the light on. Yea, complete sucess.

As you can plainly see there are a few wires that need rerouting from the 25 years of stringing telephone and cable wires through out the house. The second light back in the storage area with be installed after the insulation and drywall has been installed in the ceiling.

Just so you know that Old Dave is not all work and no play breaks were taken to go sledding with Grandson Bradley. Bradley and Gramps have tobogganed down the school yard hill this Winter. You should have seen us go down the big hill. We looked like the snowball express streaking down the hill with snow broiling up over the front of the toboggan as we whizzed down the hill. It scared the crap out of Bradley and it took about a half an hour before I could get him to go down the little hill. By the end of the day he was ready to tackle the big hill again, but Gramps told him we better just leave the slope on a positive note and think about it the next time we go tobogganing.

The next blast from the past was to build a snow fort. The neighbor, who’s in her twenties, was impressed by the way we made the fort. It was round blocks formed by packing snow in a five gallon pail and then turning the pail upside down and letting the block slide into place. We built it two high with a back entrance. I kind of think that Bradley had a different idea about what it would be like playing in the snow. He didn’t plan on it being so cold.

You might want to prepare yourself for this next picture as it’s not often you see old Dave in a Tux. I volunteer at a non profit organization as an all around handy man fix it kind of a thing. I’ve become great friends with those that work there including Karen. That’s how I got invited to the Nebraska State Governor’s Ball. Karen invited me to go to the Ball with her. Can you imagine old Dave at the Governor’s Ball. It was the farthest thing from my mind when I got the call.

So that’s it for this time. It’s time to go outside and shovel some more snow. We just had another three inches of the wonderful stuff. Ah well that is right after a break and of course a nice hot cup of coffee.

Have a great day what ever you are doing and don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what’s been going on in your part of the world.