How to Show Your Wood Stove Love This Winter

By Staff

How to Show Your Wood Stove Love This Winter

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October 2019

If you have a wood stove, you probably like it a lot. But do you love it? More importantly, does your wood stove know you love it? It’s an important part of your homestead that keeps you and your family living a cozy life all winter long, so if you haven’t yet begun to show it the love it deserves, it’s high time you start. Here’s how.

Give It a Good Clean

Depending on how capable you are, you might give your stove and chimney the full treatment each year. If taking your stove apart and climbing on the chimney makes you nervous, nobody will blame you. But be sure to have your stove and chimney checked and cleaned by a professional every year.


Day to day during the colder months, be sure to clean out the ash tray often (or daily depending on your burn rate) and do the little things like cleaning the door with a cleaner made specifically for stove glass. You’ll never regret a clean door to watch your fire shine through and your stove will love you for it.

Burn Dry Wood with a High Heat Value

Burning wet wood wreaks havoc on your stove, clogs your pipe and can get dangerous. Burning it will make your stove feel underappreciated and unloved. Burn dry wood that’s sat protected from the elements for at least a year. Also, depending on where you’re located, wood availability varies. Seek out wood with a higher heat value. Some of the best are: Apple, ironwood, maple, white ash, oak, or birch.

Use an Ecofan to Distribute the Heat

A heat powered stove fan costs nothing to operate. Just plop one on top of your wood stove and watch it generate its own energy to turn the blades from the hot/cold differential or the “Seebeck effect.”

Ecofan by Caframo has been making them since 1994 and back fuel savings with proven tests. Their current high-end model boasts an 18 percent savings on fuel. If you burn cords and cords through the winter, this can really help you out.

Unfortunately, knock off brands are rampant these days, leading to some distrust in the industry. It’s recommended you buy a heat powered stove fan with “Ecofan” laser etched on top to get the results you’re after. Visit to get more information to help you make the right purchase.

Use a Stove Thermometer

It’s important to not have too hot a burn in your stove. Equally as important is to understand when you could be getting a hotter burn going. Magnetic thermometers that stick to your stove’s pipe are inexpensive and effective at helping you rest assured you’re burning your fire in the “comfort” range.

Create Ambiance

Lastly, let your stove know it’s loved by spending time close by. Don’t just light a fire and walk away. Settle into a comfortable chair with a blanket, put your feet up, have a drink of something warm and tasty. If you live in an area that gets winter, you know how easy it can be to feel down about the cold and dark. Getting cozy by your wood stove and treating it right can help brighten any gloomy day.