OPEI SmartBrief: An Electronic Newsletter Worth Reading

Reader Contribution by Hank Will and Editor-In-Chief
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<p>There are times when I look at my email box in the morning and feel mild despair. So many emails to answer, even more to delete, and then there are electronic newsletters, marketing blasts, and the dreaded spam.</p>
<p>There is one piece of email that I look forward to each morning … sometimes I even think about w

hat it might contain as I make&nbsp;the drive in to work. That special daily delivery comes in the form of the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s&nbsp;<a title=”OPEI SmartBrief” href=”http://smartbrief.com/opei/” target=”_blank”>OPEI SmartBrief</a>. No matter how stressed or busy I feel, I always take time to open the OPEI SmartBrief and peruse the headlines and lead blurbs. More often than not, there is something in the OPEI SmartBrief that entices me to click on in for the whole story.</p>
<p>The OPEI SmartBrief is a comprehensive electronic newsletter that covers the entire outdoor power equipment industry. Although the piece is definitely geared toward outdoor power equipment professionals, dealers, manufacturers, and others with a stake in the business side of outdoor power, the OPEI SmartBrief is the place to see how the economy affects tractor manufacturing, what companies are selling or buying other companies, who has the latest and greatest equipment, what to expect from your equipment dealer in the spring and so much more. If you are like me, and you care about who made the diesel engine that’s installed in the latest and greatest utility vehicle, then you should definitely give the OPEI SmartBrief a test drive.</p>
<p>While you are at it, take a look at the&nbsp;<a title=”Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s website” href=”http://www.opei.org/consumer/index.asp” target=”_blank”>Outdoor Power Equipment Institute’s website</a>. This site contains a wealth of information for consumers and professionals alike. Whether it’s industry news, safety, emissions, fuel handling or mulching that occupies your mind, the OPEI website is well worth exploring.</p>
<p>Without the OPEI SmartBrief in my bag of tricks, I don’t know how I would keep on top of this rapidly-changing market. Sure, I am a certifiable outdoor power equipment junky, so I would find the information somehow, but the OPEI SmartBrief makes it ever so much easier … and enjoyable.</p>
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