Northern Tool + Equipment Introduces Expanded Roughneck Logging Tool Line

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Northern Tool + Equipment, a leading supplier of high-quality tools and equipment, has expanded the Roughneck logging product line to offer a wider selection of wood handling tools, including new timberjacks, log carriers, tongs, axes, mauls, wedges and more.

Roughneck, available exclusively at Northern Tool + Equipment, carries a large selection of wood handling tools. Designed specifically for high performance and durability, Roughneck logging tools offer consumers high-quality products for any logging job.

“Roughneck logging tools were created with the idea that Northern Tool + Equipment will provide a wide breadth of top-of-the-line products,” says John Bakke, Vice President of Merchandising at Northern Tool + Equipment. “They offer consumers safe products that make any job a success.”

Roughneck logging tools are created for advanced wood handling. The patent-pending fiberglass handles, with a steel core rod, add strength and leverage when maneuvering and handling logs, in addition to extending the life of the products. The Roughneck line also offers a nonslip cushion grip on several products, which allows for comfort, control and shock absorption.

The new, durable Roughneck Steel Core A-Frame Timberjack lifts and secures logs for safer cutting, preventing chain damage, pinching and binds. The Timberjack features a patent-pending A-frame stand with a two-bolt design offering extra strength and balance, as well as a textured rubber grip for comfort.

The new Log Carriers heavy steel swivel, in combination with the strong and ductile cast iron clasp at its top, allows for easier movement through narrow spaces. The new carrier, peavey and cant hook products all feature a durable, high carbon steel hook and can be used to handle and maneuver logs with superior leverage.

The extensive selection of Roughneck logging tools is now available online and at all retail locations. Visit Northern Tool + Equipment’s website for additional product information.

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