New Worx Trivac With Metal Impeller Features Two-Stage Mulching System For 18-1 Ratio

One of America’s most popular cleanup vacs just got more efficient for yard care chores. The new WORX® TRIVAC® 3-in-1 Compact Blower/Mulcher/Vac has evolved by incorporating a 2-stage mulching system. Stage one features a high-velocity shredder blade that shreds debris before entering the pulverizing second stage featuring an all-metal impeller.

The 18-to-1 ratio results speak for itself. For every bag of fine mulch the TRIVAC produces, homeowners without this yard appliance would haul 18 back-breaking bags to the curb, flower beds or compost bin.

The green machine is an alternative to gas-powered vacs and is loaded with user-friendly features. For example, converting from blower to vacuum is achieved by simply flipping a switch. No tools are required and no tubes to change out. Herding leaves and gathering other yard debris is quickly handled by the vac’s hurricane force winds of 210 mph. But, when navigating through delicate flower beds, the vac’s seven-position slide throttle can deliver a gentle breeze.

There’s no fumbling with extension tubes or other attachments. Everything is onboard
the TRIVAC, and it’s ready to use right out of the carton. Unlike conventional blower/vacs, the WORX vac comes with a unique angled tube with a curled tip. This tube design is great for vacuuming leaves in hard-to-reach areas, such as beneath decks, between shrubs, fence lines, behind central A/C systems and other areas, such as the garage

WORX Euro-styled yard care products are well-balanced, smartly designed and easy to operate. The Ergo-Sum design technology balances this lightweight, 8.6 lb. combination vac for effortless performance. Ergo Sum design is primarily based on angles and geometries that respect the human body’s neutral posture. These shapes match the anatomy and functionality of human hands. At less than 75 decibels, the TRIVAC is a quiet performer too. In fact, the vac is quieter than the average dishwasher.

The TRIVAC is powered by a 12-amp motor with a maximum air volume of 350 cfm. The
vac is equipped with a 1.5 bushel capacity collection bag. The TRIVAC is backed by a two-year warranty.

The TRIVAC Leaf Collection System (WG4053.1, $39.99) is a handy optional accessory.  Fine shredded leaves and other yard debris are funneled from the TRIVAC through a hose into a waste receptacle.

Here’s how the accessory works. A 4-in, diameter, 8 ft. flexible hose connects to the TRIVAC’s mulch outlet at one end and a trash can at the other. The end of this hose has an elastic bib that fastens over the trash can’s rim. It fits standard, round 32 or
50-gallon trash containers. The elastic cover is secured to the rim by a bungee cord.

Power up and the TRIVAC draws, then shreds leaves and sends them through the hose and
into the trash can. The TRIVAC Collection System is capable of filling trash containers all day. With this optional accessory, yard debris is contained and homeowners aren’t faced with constantly bending over for leaf collection. Once contained, the fine mulch
can be used in flower beds, at the bases of shrubs, in compost bins or curbed for pickup.

The WORX TRIVAC All-in-One Compact Blower/Mulcher Vac (WG502, $119.99) and Leaf Collection System accessory (WA4053.1, $39.99) is available at www.worxyardstools.com; through online retailers such as Amazon, Target and Lowes.com; or local professional power equipment dealers.

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Published on Jun 19, 2012

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