New Holland Boomer 8N Tractor Update

Reader Contribution by Hank Will and Editor-In-Chief

<p>See the&nbsp;<a href=””>latest photos here</a>.</p>
<p>New Holland brass still haven&rsquo;t approved Boomer 8N images for public display. The photos I posted in my&nbsp;<a title=”initial blog” href=”/fixin-fence/new-holland-announces-boomer-8n-retro-classic-compact-tractor.aspx?blogid=184″ target=”_blank”>initial blog</a>&nbsp;were pulled at the company&rsquo;s request. Stay tuned, they (and more) should be coming soon. Check the&nbsp;<a title=”photos here” href=”/daily-commute/new-holland-boomer-8n-tractor-photos.aspx?blogid=184″ target=”_blank”>photos here</a>.</p>
<p>I do have some additional information on the Boomer 8N to share, however. The Boomer 8N tractor is based on the company&rsquo;s Japanese-built, compact chassis &hellip; in fact it is essentially the&nbsp;<a title=”3050 tractor” href=”;RL=ENNA&amp;NavID=000001277003&amp;series=5154711″ target=”_blank”>3050 tractor</a>&nbsp;with a mechanical CVT instead of the 12×12 synchro shuttle gear transmission. Of course, the Boomer 8N also features the retro-classic styling and a few other &ldquo;unique&rdquo; features. Neither SuperSteer nor Sensitrak will be available in this first iteration. New Holland plans to have the Boomer 8N available to consumers nationwide in March of 2009. I would look for the CVT to appear in other Boomer models shortly after the 8N is released.</p>
<p>The Boomer 8N is 10 feet 2 inches long, 6 feet 6 inches wide and 8 feet 2 inches tall at the ROPS. The base tractor weighs in at 2,950 pounds. It will be available with a curved-boom loader painted red. Other 8N attachments include a rotary cutter and back hoe &hellip; both sporting the red paint job. Other implements will be available &hellip; and of course NH&rsquo;s non-8N 3-point implements will work, too &hellip; those that are painted black will look the best, in my opinion.</p>
<p>The Boomer 8N will be customizable. You will be able to select chrome accessories such as exhaust and diamond plate steps and platform, canopies, decals and more. A retro-style grill guard will be available (in red), and &nbsp;you might even be able to name your tractor and have a decal applied to that effect.</p>
<p>Stay tuned for more Boomer 8N information as it becomes available.</p>
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