MINOX Announces DTC 1000 Trail Camera with GSM

MINOX DTC 1000 Trail Camera with GSM Offers Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Trail cameras have become a vital tool for scouting out new and established hunting areas or keeping track of game, as well as for home and business security. Now, MINOX has taken them to a new level with the introduction of their DTC 1000 Trail Camera, with an integrated wireless GSM feature.

All images will immediately be transmitted to either your cell phone or other wireless device, or to your e-mail address, via the Global System for Mobile communication. This means that now you can monitor your hunting areas, home or business, fast and conveniently, no matter where you are.

With 8-megapixel resolution, the new MINOX DTC 1000 provides outstanding image quality. With its IR-flash filter, it has a range of more than 50 feet, regardless of lighting conditions, and is entirely undetectable.

It’s a compact 4”x5-7/8”x4-3/16” with a 2-inch color monitor for quick and convenient viewing in the field. With a trigger time of about one second and storage capacity up to 32 GB, the new DTC 1000 is an invaluable tool for any hunter or for general surveillance. Retail, $499.

To contact MINOX USA: Phone 866-469-3080 or e-mail usa@minox.com
FAX: 603-469-3471; web site, www.minox.com/usa

Published on Nov 12, 2013

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