John Deere Offers New Utility Tractor Options

Reader Contribution by Hank Will and Editor-In-Chief
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<p>Ruralpolitans and other folks who have a few acres to look after have an entirely new array of tractors to choose from, thanks to <a title=”John Deere’s” href=”” target=”_blank”>
<font color=”#0000ff”>John Deere’s</font>
</a> commitment to bringing big tractor function to part-time producers and hobby farmers. These so-called utility tractors come out of the company’s agricultural division with engines ranging from 45 to 105 horsepower. The new lineup includes the <a title=”5D, 5E” href=”” target=”_blank”>
<font color=”#0000ff”>5D, 5E</font>
</a>, <a title=”5E Limited” href=”” target=”_blank”>
<font color=”#0000ff”>5E Limited</font>
</a> and 5M Series; all designed to perform virtually any task, with any implement, within any budget.</p>

<p>”This is the most complete line of utility tractors we’ve ever offered,” says Rex Edmunds, division marketing manager. “We’ve designed these tractors to meet the requirements of many different customers with many different applications, and we’re providing a wide array of options to bring the optimal configuration and horsepower to their operations.”</p>
<p>I had the chance to look over all these machines and put them through their paces earlier this year. I am tickled to report that Deere and Company has hit the nail on the head with this lineup. I am still a big fan of the compact tractor, but there are times when you need a bit more bulk and some additional ponies to get the work done safely and efficiently. If your budget allows, and you have lots of loader work in mind for your tractor, I would definitely recommend Deere’s proprietary shuttle transmission called the PowerReverser™. It makes forward-reverse shifting a matter of fingertip control.</p>
<p>The no-frills 5D and 5E Series range in horsepower from 45 to 75 and offer durability at economical prices. The 5D Series is only offered with a two-wheel-drive (2WD) axle compared to the 5E, which offers 2WD or mechanical-front-wheel-drive (MFWD) configurations. These open station tractors feature synchronized transmissions designed for smooth shifting and easy-to-reach, color-coded controls for simple operation. These tractors provide an economical solution that’s just right for many folks.</p>
<p>”The more powerful 5E Limited Series Tractors range in horsepower from 83 to 101 engine hp. These units have more deluxe features including a cab, PowerReverser™ transmission, wet traction clutch, and MFWD axle – all in base equipment,” Edmunds says. “We’ve packaged the 5E Limited Series to offer select performance and comfort-enhancing features at a very low price.”</p>
<p>The 5M Series Tractors range in horsepower from 65 to 105. These higher-end machines feature new transmissions, increased lift capacities, more stability for larger implements, and a new operator environment for increased comfort and productivity. </p>
<p>”For customers who demand premium performance and comfort, the 5M Series, which ranges in engine horsepower from 65 to 105, is designed to be the benchmark for quality and durability in the utility tractor marketplace. These tractors offer a vast array of options and horsepower levels, with exceptional hydraulic capacities to handle any utility-tractor implement. These tractors will definitely bring more productivity to the farm or jobsite, which makes them ideal for customers who spend many hours in a tractor and depend on their tractor to help make their living,” Edmunds says. “With more weight, a wet clutch design and enhanced serviceability, these tractors provide dependable service for the tough jobs they’re built to handle.”</p>

<p>As you might expect, all 5 Series Tractors can be matched to an array of implements offered by John Deere, Frontier Equipment and other makers. Enhanced hydraulic systems, standard three-point hitches and PTO are all part of the package. Spend some time with your local John Deere agricultural product dealer to find out how a 5 Series utility tractor can become a top hand at your place.</p>
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