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 Sales for Simple Pump, a hand-operated well pump, have tripled compared to the same time last year, as word about its versatility, reliability and durability have spread. Because Simple Pump is the only hand pump that can fit alongside an existing submersible in the majority of wells, this increase is a direct indication of dramatically increasing concern about reliable access to water.

“We have many well drillers and resellers contacting us because they’ve heard how revolutionary this pump is,” said Simple Pump owner, Gary Wittig. “Website sales to home owners are way up too, as word gets out that this pump can do things no other pump can and people increasingly want to be prepared for any scenario.”


Simple Pump can deliver water from a depth of 350 feet — far below the reach of any other hand pump and requiring just 21 lbs of effort. No competitor comes close. It can work as a hand-operated back-up pump — right alongside a motorized submersible, in the same four or six inch well. It’s so easy to use, a child can pump up to 5 gallons per minute.

Simple Pump can operate equally well as a primary pump. For new wells, an economical two-inch wellbore is enough for the Simple Pump. Or it can be fitted into existing four or six inch wells. Simple Pump can operate for years as a hand pump, and then in minutes, be upgraded to motorized operation. Computer controlled machining assures precise fit between any pump and motor at any time.

It operates happily in frozen-solid ground, because of a weep-hole that lets the top four feet drain out between each use.

Materials include lead-free stainless steel, graphite impregnated bronze bushings and aircraft grade aluminum (aluminum does not touch water). Manufacturing quality is exceptional. Major components of the Simple Pump are machined in an aerospace-class plant, alongside the NEWT deep-sea diving suit and the space-roving Canadarm. Quality of materials and manufacturing equal efficiency plus durability; Simple Pump is so durable, it has a 50-year plus lifespan.


The low power draw and high efficiency make the Simple Pump ideal for running on solar. The pump can be set up with batteries, or run directly from the solar panel with no battery necessary. It is so efficient it can run on one 130W solar panel in many areas, or two in cloudier zones.


Even a novice can install a Simple Pump in about two hours. About two-thirds of Simple Pump’s clients do their own installation. Some other pumps need lifting rigs and heavy, specialized tools to install or for maintenance. For most installations, the Simple Pump pump needs one person, and some ordinary tools (such as vice grips and Allen wrenches). Normal easy-to-do maintenance consists of replacing a set of seals once every five years.


A study by a Stanford University multidisciplinary team showed that a change in water delivery could turn African villages with malnourished children into net exporters of food. Only two changes were needed — developing a RELIABLE water supply and installing drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation does not require great quantities of water, but it does require reliability. Most hand-operated water-well pumps in Africa are of the same basic design, and are uniformly unreliable. A 2007 survey across 21 nations showed 36 percent of these pumps were broken down and standing unused at any given time! Merely adding the factor of reliability to their water access with cheap drip irrigation transformed people’s lives.


The same factors making huge differences in African villages are as important in the developed world. Rural areas routinely experience power outages each winter. People are also preparing for scenarios such as wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes and worse. Increasingly, people know they can’t realistically depend on the grid to deliver life-critical water.

Simple Pump offers excellent value, deeper reach than any other hand pump and many other special and literally unique features. But during a routine three-day power outage or a much longer and worse scenario, RELIABILITY is the key to survival. This pump is so reliable, hundreds are running 24/7/365 in industrial applications, using solar power to move contaminated water, with very little downtime —demanding performance well beyond the needs of most families.


Simple Pump – the modern hand water pump — an incredibly durable, versatile and efficient pump that can last for generations —

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