Green Gadgets

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Intermatic Electronic Seven-Day Timer can be used either indoors or outdoors.
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The Decora Occupancy Sensor Switch turns off the lights when you forget to!
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Determine which machines are worth the energy with the Kill A Watt EZ electricity usage monitor.
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The Kill A Watt Electricity Power Meter assesses the efficiency of your electric appliances.
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A power strip bundled with an electronic measuring device, the P3 Kill A Watt PS protects your valuable electronic equipment.
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A SmartStrip Power Saving Surge Protector not only helps with power surges, it saves your money when it turns off peripherals to a major electronic device.
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Figure out the cost of your electric devices with the Watts Up? electricity meter.
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Blue Line Innovations offers the PowerCost Monitor to read your home's power meter.

Amid the current economic recession and flourishing energy conservation movement, home and business owners and lessees alike are looking to cut costs and conserve electricity however they can. “While clipping coupons and being more conscientious of electricity usage can help, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to save is through technology,” says Paul Holstein, COO of – an online storefront offering a wide selection of energy management solutions.

“Many ‘green gadgets’ are very inexpensive, and can help easily manage and reduce electricity consumption – and the utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions related thereto.”

Below are a few representative devices offers to help consumers to go green, without having to spend a lot of green:

Intermatic Electronic Seven-Day Timer

Forget about living with a single timer setting, or paying for electricity that’s wasted when you leave lights on all day so you can return to a lit house. Intermatic’s Electronic Seven-Day Timer can be used either indoors or outdoors, and has several programming options: either set it for 24 hours, or customize it for an entire week. In addition to utility bill savings, the Intermatic Seven-Day Timer can also enhance your home’s security. With just the touch of a button, you can set the timer to Random mode, which varies lighting patterns to give your home a more believable “lived in” look. ($31.41)

Leviton Decora® Occupancy Sensor Switch

Nothing runs up the electricity bills like forgetting to turn the lights off. But now you can still save money even when you forget, thanks to the Decora® Occupancy Sensor light switch from Leviton. Simply put, this affordable sensor switch cuts down on the amount of power wasted by automatically switching off the lights when it no longer detects movement in the room. In addition to giving you the option to manually switch on and off at any time, this motion-sensor also lets you control your own savings by allowing you to choose how long the lights will stay on: 30 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 30 minutes. ($30.75)

SmartStrip Power Saving Surge Protectors

Known as “vampire electronics” because of the way they suck power even when they’re not in use, many peripheral devices in your home and office are bleeding your budget dry as well. Luckily, products like the SmartStrip Power Saving Surge Protector are putting an end to the waste. When the SmartStrip detects that a main device (for example, the plasma screen in a home theater setup, or a computer) has been turned off, it automatically cuts power to that device’s peripherals. As a result, the average home can save as much as 260 watts of electricity per hour, or trim 113 Kilowatts per month from its utility bill. ($30.44)

Kill A Watt™ Electricity Power Meter

The Kill A Watt T electricity power monitor is an economical and simple tool to assess the efficiency of your electric appliances. Just plug any 115 Volt AC (maximum 15 Amp) electric appliance into the Kill A Watt T meter and the large LCD display shows the power consumption of the appliance by killowatt-hours. The Kill A Watt T power monitor can calculate the electricity cost of the appliance by the day, week, month or year. If your electric bills are high, the Kill A Watt T power meter can discover which electric appliances are consuming too much power. The Kill A Watt T electricity meter can also check the quality of your power by monitoring Voltage, Line Frequency and Power Factor. ETL Listed. ($29.95)

Kill A Watt EZ

The Kill A Watt EZ electricity usage monitor will allow you to determine which machines are actually worth keeping in use. This device allows you to unplug the appliance and still see the readings. It also allows you to input your local KWH rates so that it can tell you exact dollar figures rather than just a kwh reading – it does the math for you! Amazingly accurate to within 0.2 percent. ($49.95)

P3 Kill A Watt PS

Protect your valuable electronic equipment and appliances with this innovative power strip bundled with an electronic measuring device. In addition to protecting valuable electronics from power surges and spikes, this strip will actually measure how energy efficient they are, allowing you to calculate your overall electrical costs. Now you’ll know how much your entire computer or home theater system is costing you! The strip has six standard sized outlets and two extra wide outlets for those extra large plugs. ($81.72)

Leviton Vizia™ Electronic Low Voltage Dimmer

Dim the lights and lower electrical bills with the Leviton Vizia+™ Digital 600 Watt Dimmer. Designed for use with 120V incandescent and halogen light fixtures, these dimmers can subtly tone down the intensity of lights, causing them to consume less energy. Vizia+ dimmers have a clean, sleek-looking design that is incredibly easy to use, and they provide you with a choice of seven full-range light settings. Vizia’s digital circuitry also gives you the flexibility to manually dim and brighten the lights, or set them in an energy-saving mode that controls their maximum brightness and power consumption. ($91.64)

Watts Up?

Want to save someone – or yourself – some real money amid rising energy costs? Handy devices such as the Watts Up?™ electricity meter will determine what each standard 120 volt AC electric device will cost to operate. No more guesswork about how much it’ll cost to power something over a short or long span of time. These types of electricity meters will quickly display the wattage and the electrical usage cost of the appliance. Now “that’s” a bright idea! ($72.95 to $195.95)

PowerCost Monitor™ from Blue Line Innovations

Ever wondered how much power your home is consuming at any given moment? Well now you can stop guessing, thanks to the PowerCost Monitor™ from Blue Line Innovations. Featuring a wireless transmitting sensor that reads your home’s power meter and a digital display unit that receives the sensor’s data minute by minute, the PowerCost Monitor shows your electricity consumption in kilowatt hours, as well as total utility costs in dollars and cents. Because its data allows you to make smart decisions on home electricity use, the PowerCost Monitor has the potential to cut your electric bill by up to 20 percent. With savings like that, this investment pays for itself in a matter of months, and leaves you free to reap the financial rewards from there on out. ($134.40)

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