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The TM1200 is the latest trailed mower offered by Vermeer.

A new wide-swath, center-pivot trailed mower that’s easy-to-operate and designed for high-production cutting, using low hp tractors, is now available from Vermeer Corp.

The heavy-built TM1200 Trailed Mower features a center pivot design with two independent, staggered cutterbars that cut a 15-foot-6-inch wide swath – more than 2 feet wider than any other trailed mower in the field. A staggered cutterbar design ensures accurate and complete cutting action in the center of the swath; the maximum swath width is 87 percent of the cutting width for quick, uniform dry down. Swath width percentage depends on type and condition of crop being cut.

Set up and transport is also simple. The swivel gearbox design accommodates both Cat 2 or 3N hitches.  In addition, the TM1200 is 3-point quick-hitch adaptable. When going from field to transport, the TM1200 folds down to 8-feet 5-inches wide to quickly and easily maneuver through gates and travel from field to field.

“One of our primary goals was to reduce the time, labor and costs of high production haying,” says Vermeer Forage Products Director Joe Michaels. “We see many hay producers out there running with two, or even three operators, tying up several tractors with 3-point-mounted mowing units. That’s where this new TM1200 really makes sense, especially in terms of efficiency. Now, with just an 85hp tractor (63.4 kW), you can cut just as wide as a self-propelled mower conditioner and eliminate a lot of those extra costs — labor, large hp tractors, fuel and extra maintenance.”

The TM1200 is extremely versatile. Its center pivot lets it maneuver around objects and make 180-degree turns on headlands for fast cutting. A unique, patent-pending flotation/hydraulic design (similar to “Baja” suspension systems used on high-performance race trucks) reduces cutterbar weight on the ground. Because of its ability to float up and over unforeseen field obstacles, the TM1200 is better able to avoid or absorb high-impact shock loads. Large 31-by-13.5 -15 tires provide excellent flotation and stability.

Cutting height is adjustable from 1.25 inches to 3 inches. Hydraulic cutterbar pitch control (from 0 to 6 degrees) sets the cutting height, helps eliminate streaking and allows the operator to adjust for different crops and conditions.

The TM1200 features segmented hex-shaped drive shafts, and it is equipped with a total of 12 self-contained cutting units mounted on the independent cutterbars. Each cutting unit is sealed in its own set of gears, bearings and lubricant to reduce service time, repairs and cost. Low-profile cutting discs with wide skid shoes provide smooth, clean cutting action with maximum protection. Each disc contains a set of extra-thick (5mm) dual edge, reversible blades for longer life. An exclusive Quick-Clip™ Blade Retention system allows operators to replace or reverse the blades in seconds using just the Quick-Clips and a special changing tool that comes with the mower. Swingup cover design provides excellent access for routine service and maintenance.

The 5,900-pound unit accommodates 540 or 1,000 rpm drives. Minimum drawbar horsepower is 85 hp (63.4 kW). Hydraulic requirements include two pairs of auxiliary remote outlets (1750 psi, 6 gpm flow minimum/120 BAR, 27L/min).

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