AIRBORN Inflatable Boats Introduces Model With Removable Stand Up Paddle Board

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Richard Swan, founder and CEO of AIRBORN™ Inflatable Boats, announced
today that AIRBORN will introduce a first of its kind two-in-one fishing boat
at booth #1514 at the Las Vegas ICAST /IFTD fishing show, July 9-12.  The
new AIRBORN 360 is a high performance fishing boat with a floor that doubles as
a removable inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP).

“This design is a game changer in the rapidly growing
personal fishing craft market. No need to choose between a Stand Up Paddle
Board and inflatable fishing boat. The ‘360’ offers both, making it unique in
the marketplace,” said Swan.

What Makes the AIRBORN 360 Unique? 

The AIRBORN 360’s Drop Stitch floor allows two adult anglers
to stand up, see fish and cast. Drop Stitch construction is widely used in
inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP) and greatly improves stability. It is
the Drop Stitch floor that makes the AIRBORN 360 such a stable casting
platform. When removed the Drop Stitch floor is a Stand Up Paddle Board. The
user can remove the floor, grab a paddle and fish solo. As a SUP the AIRBORN
360 extends the angler’s range to reach even more remote locations and fish in
even shallower waters.  It is this
two-in-one feature that makes the AIRBORN 360 such a versatile craft.

Highly Versatile

The AIRBORN 360 can be rowed, poled or propelled by a small
motor. It can be used on ponds, lakes, Class 2 rivers, protected bays and salt water
flats. The lightweight patent pending design floats in less than five inches of
water allowing anglers to reach fish that may never have seen a lure. Add the
optional rowing frame and anglers can drift fish the most famous slow moving
rivers in the world. The rowing frame accommodates an optional 48-quart ice
chest creating a comfortable place to sit while rowing or fishing. In addition,
the cooler provides a place for food and beverage as well as storage for
cameras and other valuable items. Optional rod holders allow rods to be stored
or set up for trolling.

Stand Up and Paddle

When the floor/SUP is separated from the boat the floor
becomes the AIRBORN 360 SUP – a 10 and a half foot Stand Up Paddle Board that
weighs 27 pounds. The 34-inch width and the split tail design makes the AIRBORN
360 SUP one of the most stable paddle boards available. Its inherent stability
makes stand up casting easy and its very shallow draft allows anglers to
negotiate depths of three inches or less. In addition its lightweight allows
users to pack it into the remotest fishing areas. As an added bonus it offers
an easy way for the whole family to learn the fast growing sport of paddle

Ready to Travel
Wherever Whenever

Deflated the AIRBORN 360 packs in the trunk of a medium
sized car. It can also be checked as baggage on most airlines or stowed in a
private airplane or boat. One person can carry it, assemble it and use it. When
not in use it easily stores in a closet or on a shelf in the garage.

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