6 Pieces of Equipment You Need for a Start-up Landscaping Business

| 1/10/2014 10:45:00 AM

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Joe KnowsBefore starting a landscaping business, you'll need some essential pieces of equipment. Use this list to make sure you have the most important items you'll need to make your business successful.


People who don't work in the landscaping industry rarely know about all the shovel types that can help you do your job more efficiently. Some of the most useful shovels include:

  • square-mouth
  • trench
  • round-mouth
  • spade

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When you have these shovels, you can choose the right tool for the job. If you need to dig a long, narrow path, then a trench shovel should work well. If you want to remove a large section of sod or dirt, a square-mouth shovel will help.

1/13/2014 11:34:33 AM

Joe, all good points. I'm just a backyard landscaper with only an occasional use for a trailer which I rent. My projects are done mostly with hand tools although I do have a chainsaw, cordless drill, and a wheel borrow. I will suggest that spending the extra money on quality tools will indeed be the better option. Lower quality tools don't last as long or work as well. I learned that the hard way. Well, at the time I thought I just couldn't afford the quality tools but over the long run, it costs less. I'm not a landscaper by trade but I end up doing allot of landscaping work for friends and neighbors. ***** Have a great landscaping day.

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