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Healthy Cookie Recipe: Beehive Cookies

These delicious Beehive Cookies call for no oil, sugar, butter or white flour – cookie-recipe staples – so the baked cookie has a unique texture. However, they’re delicious and a very respectable “healthy” sweet treat. Beehive Cookies 3/4 cup sour cream 1/2 cup honey 2 ...

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Black Pepper Baby Backs with Whiskey Vanilla Glaze Recipe

If ribs epitomize barbecue, the baby back epitomizes ribs. Cut from high on the hog, next to the backbone, baby backs have tender meat (more so than spareribs), abundant fat, and a convenient shape and size that makes one rack perfect for feeding one or two people. But don’t ribs require low ...


Homemade Lavender Mint Chicken Coop Refresh Spray

  As the weather warms up, our coop can start to smell, shall I say, less than appealing.  While this homemade coop refresh spray should NEVER be used as an alternative to keeping a clean coop, after removing all the soiled bedding and replacing it with new bedding, scraping down the ...

Shoofly and Other Pies from Pennsylvania

Dark Bottom Shoofly PieRaisin PieMontgomery PieAmish Tears-On-Your-Pillow PieAmish Vanilla PieShoofly pie, with its sticky warmth and goodness, is what a pie should be – sweet, spicy, filling, and an interesting combination of textures bobbing around in the mouth. Even if it’s not made in ...

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