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Keep Up with Large Equipment Upkeep

This past fall, I changed the oil and spark plug on my lawn mower, added fuel stabilizer, and ran the gas out before I stored the mower for winter. It’s the same process I go through every fall in anticipation of getting another good year out of my 12-year-old mower. The following spring, ...


Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Since you’re reading this magazine, you’re most likely up close and personal with at least one type of lawn machine. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 60,000 injuries are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year because of unsafe operation of lawn ...

Electric Lawn Mowers Cut Your Grass, Without Gas

Future weekend warriors who have plenty of grass to mow might trade petroleum-burning engines, hydraulic systems, belts and pulleys for sleek, silent, battery-powered machines that look more like lunar rovers, if makers like Husqvarna have anything to do with it. When the company released its ...

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