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Homegrown Garden Amendments

The nutrient needs of plants change during their growth cycle. Germination, vegetative growth, reproduction, and senescence each requires its own unique array of minerals to support the metabolic processes taking place in the plant during that growth phase. Thus, each growth phase is a unique ...


Chicks, Cleaning, And Canning

Golden Buffs join our motley crew of free-range chickens Time flies when you’re having fun, or in this case, when you’re working through the farm project list. These last few weeks have been filled with lots of “getting ready for winter” activities to make life better for humans ...


Using Crop Rotation To Keep Tomato Plants Healthy

I am about to bust all your crop-rotating hopes and dreams. I have bad news. I have experience. I have tomatoes. I have tried rotating. I have tried companion planting. I have top-dressed with loads of compost. I have have amended the beds. I have followed the rotational ...

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