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Cover Crops Improve Soil Health

As gardeners, we know that the success of our edible and ornamental plants is directly related to the health of our soil. Some of us even believe that as gardeners, we nurture and grow soil every bit as much as we do plants. Our soil is one of our most valuable assets, and it needs to be ...


Garden Rotation My Way

The seed catalogs have been piling in and, as they do every year, their colorful pages entice me. They do their job well, the pages burst with pictures of vegetables and fruits that look so succulent that I want to plant them all, even knowing fully well that mine won’t look or grow anything ...


Using Crop Rotation To Keep Tomato Plants Healthy

I am about to bust all your crop-rotating hopes and dreams. I have bad news. I have experience. I have tomatoes. I have tried rotating. I have tried companion planting. I have top-dressed with loads of compost. I have have amended the beds. I have followed the rotational ...


All About Crop Rotation

Crop Rotation Crop rotation is the process of planting a different crop after each previous crop, which allows the different plants to take advantage of nutrients the previous plants didn’t use, and to put different nutrients into the soil to avoid depletion of overall nutrients. For ...

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