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Six Easy Casseroles

“I don’t hesitate for a second to insist that nothing typifies American cooking more than the sumptuous, highly varied casseroles that have been baked in ovens all over the country for the past century.” – James Villas We all grew up eating casseroles – the epitome of American ...

Cooking with Mom

Mom's Peachy CakeLayered Mac & CheeseNutty Canteloupe SaladNana's Cabbage SoupTuna Noodle CasseroleDate BarsNot a week goes by that I don’t find myself in the kitchen with my mother. Mind you, she hasn’t been with us for many years, but she still influences the food of my heart. Two of ...

Taste Something New

Chili (version 1)Chili (version 2)Turkey ChiliPotato CasseroleKraut-Pineapple SaladLazy Daisy Oatmeal CakeMocha Oatmeal CakeDeviled Pork ChopsCajun Pork Chops1937 Soda BreadDepression Potato BreadCold-weather weekends are a great time to try out new recipes, and this Recipe Box contains a few ...

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