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Repairing Heirloom Cane Chairs

Learn about repairing heirloom cane chairs using these step-by-step instructions.A few years ago, my sister inherited my grandmother’s old ladderback chairs with hand-woven rush seats. The oak frames were in nearly perfect condition, but the seats were tattered and needed to be replaced. ...

Materials to Cane a Chair Seat

Learn about the needed materials to cane a chair seat.Cane a chair seat — your hands do most of the work. Here are some items you will need for the project.ToolsUtility ScissorsRuler or Tape MeasurePencilSpring ClampNeedle Nose PliersMagic Tool (a stiff piece of metal or plastic measuring ...

Types of Cane Seating Styles

Cane (Binder) SeatingLearn about the types of cane seating styles for chairs.There are a number of cane seating styles. Cane is derived from the rattan palm of Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. Traditionally, cane strips are woven through holes in a chair's frame using pegs to keep the ...

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