Simple Syrup Recipe With Corncob and Brown Sugar

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An old-time Simple Syrup Recipe With Corncob and Brown Sugar.

Charles Gettys, Wichita Falls, Texas, remembers the tale of his grandfather traveling from Pennsylvania to Texas in 1913. He made an overnight stop in Kansas City, and for breakfast the next day, he was served pancakes. When told it was corncob syrup, Charles’ grandfather replied that it was definitely maple syrup, and you couldn’t fool him. While his grandfather continued to believe it was maple syrup, Charles would like a recipe for corncob syrup.

He came to the right place. Our readers came through with several different types of recipes. The following Corncob and Brown Sugar Simple Syrup Recipe from Judith Nees, Waco, Texas, is similar to several others we received. She says the recipe was handed down from her grandmother.

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Simple Syrup Recipe With Corncob and Brown Sugar

12 large clean corncobs
Water to cover
2 pounds brown sugar

In large stockpot, cover corncobs with water; boil for 1 to 2 hours. Drain off water and strain (there should be at least 1 pint of liquid).

Return liquid to stockpot; add brown sugar and boil to desired thickness.

NOTE: Some of the recipes added a bit of maple flavoring to the mix.

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