Golden Milk Tea

Reader Contribution by Lee Ann
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I had always thought of turmeric as that “weird” flavor in Indian food that I didn’t like. So when I first heard of Golden Milk, it promised some good benefits, but I just couldn’t convince myself to try it because of the turmeric. Oh, I love one of the other ingredients, ginger, and could speak about it’s benefits in aiding digestion and as an anti-inflammatory for hours, but I just could not convince myself to try Golden Milk because of the turmeric. Since I have been studying herbs and natural remedies, the benefits of turmeric have been too amazing to ignore, and I’ve now not only given it a chance, I have come to love my version of this warming, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant drink.

Turmeric has been used in many cultures for thousands of years to help improve immune systems, reduce inflammation, and help prevent illness. According to numerous studies found at the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, turmeric is known to help aid digestion, particularly by increasing the production of enzymes that digest fats and sugars. It is said to help prevent cholesterol from forming gallstones, and helps to fight gum inflammation, therefore preventing bad breath and gingivitis.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is now known to assist in lowering blood pressure, and is being said to work better than Prozac in treating depression. Given all of this information, I think it’s important for everyone to consider visiting Golden Milk and turmeric.

In addition to these powerful attributes of turmeric, there are other highly beneficial ingredients in my Golden Milk Tea recipe. First, is the chamomile tea. Not only a stress reducer, it also aids in calming a nervous stomach. Raw cow milk is the equivalent of taking in a super-food. Raw milk provides more enzymes and nutrients for our bodies than I could begin to talk about in this single blog. Ginger, as I mentioned before, is one of my all-time favorites for improving digestion and reducing inflammation throughout the body. A little shake of cinnamon not only adds a delicious flavor, this spice helps the body to metabolize sugar. A tiny pinch of black pepper improves the bodies absorption of the benefits of turmeric. Raw honey adds the sweetener to make this warming drink especially delicious.

My lesson here is that I need to be open to what is being presented to me. So many times I will hear or read something and just brush it off as something to file or throw away, and I close my mind. What I need to remember is that I am reading or hearing that thing for a reason, and I need to pay more attention. This goes for all aspects of life, not just for learning about the benefits of a spice that far outweighs my perceived disagreeable taste. It’s necessary for us all to stay open to what the Lord is presenting to us, and listen to what He is trying to teach us. He is giving us lessons in everything, everyday, and what a blessing that is for our lives, if only we will open our minds!

One Ash Farm Golden Milk Tea

1/2 cup very hot chamomile tea
1/2 cup raw cow’s milk
1 teaspoon ground dry turmeric
1/2 teaspoon ground dry ginger
1 “shake” cinnamon
Small pinch black pepper
1 teaspoon raw honey

Add the milk and other ingredients to the hot chamomile tea.

Mix well, and enjoy!

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