Enjoy September With Root Vegetables

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Pickling fresh red beets from the garden allows you to enjoy them even when they're out of season.

September is a really exciting time in the garden, especially when it comes to root vegetables. Summer plantings of celeriac, beets, carrots and potatoes are now ready for harvest, while rutabagas, radishes, turnips, salsify and more are ready to be planted throughout much of the country. So for this week’s Good Things to Eat offering, we give you some recipes that can be enjoyed with this month’s harvest – and then again when your next crop is ripe for the pickin’. Bon appétit!

Recipes for Now
Vegetable Stew
Fermented Root Vegetables
Fingerling Potatoes With Romesco Sauce
Slow Cooker Potato Soup
Pickled Beets With Dill

Recipes for Later
Roasted Root Vegetables
Winter Vegetable Salad
Rutabaga-Sweet Potato Hash
Roasted Duck With Sauerkraut and Root Vegetables
Baked Vegetable Chips

Root Veggie 411
Salsify: The Vegetable You’ve Never Met
Growing and Cooking Rutabagas
Garden Crops to Dig
The Complete Root Cellar Book

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