Get On the Kringle Express

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A cup of coffee and a Racine Danish Kringle - what could be better?
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A yummy Racine Danish Kringle may be just the thing on a cold winter morning.
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How about a Holiday Kringle with cheese?

Remember when you were young, lying in bed, waiting for Santa Claus to come? You wanted just everything for a present and Christmas morning went best when Dad let you have a taste of the Christmas Kringle somebody sent for a family present?

Now that you’re the grownup and you’ve got to watch your pennies plus give out sweet, sumptuous presents too, enter’s latest gift idea: The Kringle Express.

Beginning at $22.95 postage paid, will send a special gift certificate to all those on your list that can be redeemed on the Web site, beginning with a luscious 22-ounce Holiday Kringle.

Gift cards are available in any denomination, and are perfect for those on your list who might want to order exactly what they want including Kringles and Coffee, or Cheese, Sausage and Snack Mix and including the sumptuous Kringle of the Month Club. Your friends and family get your gift certificate, log onto the Web site and, suddenly, you’re their hero.

Just send us your list, we’ll be checking it twice, then we’ll make you the Santa to all those you love. The Kringle Express will become your new tradition for family and friends. They’ll want to be on your list every year.

Because there’s a reason the Racine Danish Kringle has such an army of devotees. It tastes like home. Sweet, simple, and harking back to a time when grandmothers wielded rolling pins in the kitchen to create simple yet sumptuous treats.

Every day, the bakers at Racine Danish Kringles start with the freshest ingredients to make the authentic pastry dough. The pastry is then filled with the finest nuts, fruit or gourmet filling, shaped into the distinctive Kringle oval, baked until golden brown and generously spread with rich vanilla or chocolate icing. When you sit down with your youngsters, you’ll be as excited as they are about the fabulous Danish Kringle.

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