Yay for Springtime!

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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It is exciting to see the signs of spring coming upon us here in North Texas. There are still remnants of winter like the cute dark-eyed junco, but things like our blossoming peach trees brings a smile to my face as I see that spring is upon us.

One thing that really is speaking spring to me is the frog activity at our pond. The last few nights I had heard the sound of critters and it wasn’t until I went out to investigate and saw all the frogs jumping around in the pond that I figured out they were making all that noise. I also heard the sound of croaking just last night. I like having frogs and toads around. I think they are interesting creatures.

We don’t have any in our yard, but there are plenty of beautiful daffodils around too. Nothing says spring to me like that bright pop of yellow. Last year flooding rains ruined our garden, but we are hoping for a good year this time around. I am eager for plenty of tomatoes and corn especially.

Besides having plenty of homegrown food to eat, I love the chance to attract different birds to the yard with the garden. I especially look forward to seeing the painted bunting. A couple years ago when we had a successful garden, we had one hanging out quite a bit. I was so excited because it was high on my list of birds to see in person.

I also like the chickens having plenty of good places to hide from airborne predators. They can also find good places for shade. We certainly have no problem sharing the garden with the girls and we will grow certain things just for them. Another sign of spring for me is that our hen that only produces eggs in the spring has started again. Things are looking up on the homestead as we enter into a new season.

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