Don’t Sweat It, Part II: Women’s Work Pants for a Cool Summer

Reader Contribution by Lachezar Stamatov
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An article I wrote last week on work pants for the summer featured only men’s pants which (deservedly) caused the indignation of the female audience on GRIT’s Facebook page. Some of them blamed GRIT Magazine, but in fact it was us from Work’N’Gear writing a guest article. We definitely weren’t trying to imply that only men sweat out in the garden, as one of the comments suggested. So now I want to apologize on our behalf and to make it up to the ladies by giving them some suggestions for summer work pants as well.

Women’s Relaxed Straight Fit Stretch Twill Pants by Dickies

Dickies‘ reputation for manufacturing high-quality work clothing has remained spotless since the very founding of the company in 1918.

This pair of work pants is convenient for work in the garden, because of its relaxed fit and straight leg construction. They’re made of 7 oz. stretch twill (97% cotton and 3% spandex) to ensure not only breathability, but also elasticity. And you don’t have to worry about gaping in the back thanks to the snug fit of the contoured waistband.

Women’s Original Fit Corduroy Carlyle Pants by Carhartt

Carhartt is another well-established US brand, famous for its high-quality work wear. This family-owned business has been around since the 19th century.

The Corduroy Carlyle work pants are made with 8.4 ounce fabric (98% cotton and 2% spandex) and are conveniently equipped with 5 pockets. The fabric is very durable and will withstand outdoor work thanks to the triple stitched inseams.  The pants are made to sit below the waist for extra comfort. Finally, the legs are wide enough to fit over work boots, so you can wear them for practically any job.

Women’s Plain Front Cotton Pants by Red Kap

Established in 1923, Red Kap has a reputation of stylish and durable work wear that is always “done right,” as the company motto goes.

Their women’s plain front cotton pants are made out of 100% cotton to ensure optimal softness and breathability. The fabric is also made to stretch naturally, even without the addition of spandex. It’s a 7.5 oz twill, which means the pants are durable and do not stain easily. The pair is equipped with three pockets — two slack-style pockets at the front and a back pocket on the right that closes with a button.

Women’s Relaxed Fit Carpenter Pants by Dickies

I will conclude the list with another pair of work pants by Dickies, this time geared towards women who work in carpeting, specifically.

These carpenter pants are extremely durable thanks to 9 oz. Oxford duck fabric. Duck cloth is the same kind of fabric that is used in the manufacturing of many durable items such as sneakers and tents. For those of you who love trivia, you might find it interesting that original duct tape was also made from this same fabric and that’s how it got its name.

The pants are a relaxed fit, which means they sit right below the waist to ensure maximum comfort. They are equipped with a hammer loop and Dickies’ trademark ScuffGard® technology.

Choosing any of these 4 cotton work pants will help you be better prepared for work in the summertime. Ladies, am I forgiven now?

Lachezar Stamatov is a recent Psychology graduate with interests spanning across various fields – health, food, technology, sustainable farming, you name it. He loves blogging about his outdoor experiences, so follow his articles to give your motivation a kick. He’s also a regular contributor to the Work N’ Gear blog.

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