Winter Projects on the Homestead

Reader Contribution by Faithful Homesteader
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It is a quiet time on the homestead. Our girls haven’t been laying eggs and not much is happening with the garden. Today we did get our first egg in a few months. Now is a good time for trimming trees and ridding them of mistletoe. We have also started some seeds indoors. We turned an old aquarium into a terrarium. We wrote about that last season here.

I never really knew much about mistletoe except that people like to kiss under it at Christmastime. I then learned that birds are attracted to it and I kinda like that since I love seeing various birds come to my little homestead. I have learned from my husband that it is a parasite and it could hurt our trees, so we have to take action. He has spent the last week trying to rid our trees of it. One tree has been especially bombarded with it and it has been hard to get all of it.

Every year we do start some seeds indoors. Usually it is a variety of tomatoes and peppers. We usually have plenty of both in our spring/summer garden. My husband always likes to change things up and this year he is using Jiffy-Pots. According to the label, they can be planted into the ground pot and all.

I have come to appreciate having a garden over the years for several reasons. I love having plenty of vegetables in the garden so that we don’t have to buy them at the grocery store. Having a good garden also attracts some cool birds. It can be frustrating at times if they mess with the crops too much, but I love my birds. I also like sharing the garden with the chickens. They like eating and they can get good shade and protection in the midst of our tomato plants.

I am looking forward to spring. I hope my chickens will be more active. I look forward to yummy garden vegetables and, of course, milder weather.

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