What’s Going On in the Garden

Reader Contribution by April Freeman
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There are so many things going on here at the farm that I haven’t shared about. Summer is such a busy time for us that I just don’t have the time to write it all down.

I do have a garden. It went in later this year than normal. The week of Memorial Day was when I planted. Thankfully, we’ve had an unusual amount of rain, so the plants are actually doing well. Unfortunately, the weeds are thriving too! It takes so much work to keep up with everything.

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes

I planted my Cherokee Purple Tomatoes and after I got them planted, I found other tomato plants sprouting from last year’s garden in random places. They may be Cherokee Purples, or they could be Romas. I guess we’ll see!


I did plant three varieties of potatoes. In the past few years, the man of the house has discouraged me from planting potatoes because, “You can get an enormous bag for like 4 bucks at the store.” However, last year, I poked a few sprouty potatoes from the pantry into the garden, and WOW! I was impressed by the taste. I planted Russet Potatoes and some Yukon Golds. This year’s Thanksgiving mashed potatoes will have come from our own garden. 

I also planted a few sweet potato plants. I just recently discovered that sweet potatoes are pretty good if you fix them right. Of course, you have to add lots of butter and sugar, but still, we all like them.

Green Beans

I planted a couple kinds of green beans. Kentucky Wonder bush beans are the bulk of what I planted. I also planted some Kentucky Lake pole beans on the fence. Last, I included some Royal Burgundy beans. These cool beans have purple pods that turn green when you cook them. I grew them last year, and they were great!

Cucumbers, Pumpkins, Watermelons

My vining plants are having a hard time. Mostly, the issue is that the dogs keep going out there and digging up the plants! WHY??? I don’t know. But it is getting a little frustrating. I’ve replanted a few times, and there are some sprouts. Hopefully, the dogs will not win, and I’ll get some cukes, pumpkins and watermelons.


My peppers are doing wonderfully. Every single seed that I planted sprouted and only one of my plants has died. They are Corno del Toro red peppers. However, they are sweet peppers. My kids just munch on them plain. I prefer mine in fajitas or salsas.


I planted peaches and cream sweet corn this year, as always. This is my favorite type of corn. So far, it is a couple inches high and doing well.


I always grow several varieties of flowers. My favorites are the zinnias, but I also love sunflowers of all kinds and marigolds. I always plant marigolds near the tomatoes. Tomato hornworms don’t bother my ‘maters if marigold is nearby.

I can’t wait until the garden is really going. Right now, nothing’s big enough to shade out weeds, so it’s my job and that of the kids to keep the weeds in check until the plants grow. Thankfully, we’ve had plentiful rain to water the plants.

What’s growing in your garden?

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