I’m Over My Garden

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I only have one good friend who basks in the dog days of summer, but most of us are done with heat almost as soon as it comes in. A true confession from me, a Leo, that spring and fall are my favorite seasons! This will be very telling to all of you that I am a person who enjoys living in the past and certainly planning for my future much more than living in the current moment. I was going to write for the GRIT Blogging Community a much different post, then I realized if I don’t get honest with ya’ll why would you ever want to read one thing I have to say?

So here’s the truth it’s almost August … I am completely over my garden this year. My dreams of tomatoes got squashed by my stream of college visits and graduation hoedown preparations … don’t get me wrong this is the season the Viking and I are in, but between closing out my job for the summer, job hunting for a new one, which I landed by the way, then getting a suburban homestead ready for a gathering is no easy feat. For one, you have to have the bees safely tucked away or at least to the best of your ability, you also have to have your chicken area looking unrealistically clean looking … by the way, kudos to all those working farms who have everything looking pristine – it’s not such an easy job!

We created great memories and then we moved our son to college early; shortly after, we moved him back and soon he is going back to school again … if you have been in this season, do you remember those days? We are so excited for our lineman son, but it’s an extremely busy season in our lives. I remind myself that there will be other summers and isn’t that the beauty of a garden? The truth is every seaso,n except for winter, in most cases we get to start all over again from scratch.

So here are my confessions ….

Back in the spring I was so hopeful about diving into my garden.

I am fed up with thorny weeds.

I am beyond over the horrific deer flies we have had this summer – I still have a hand smarting from one!

I am over having a lack of time for my garden.

I am over tomato blight!

I am over squash borers … can I get an amen?

I’m over those caterpillars that got all over my collards, but it was delicious while it lasted.

I could probably go on and on, but I am hopeful for the fall garden that we will start to put in this next week or so. I have big dreams for this garden and surely nothing could possibly go wrong; we will plant mustard greens, bok choy and Swiss chard, just to name a few. I will go back to dreaming about tomatoes; next summer they will be better and certainly I’ll have more time to carve out for my garden. In the meantime, we will eat what herbs we can rescue and a few straggling peppers to supplement our food supply, and indeed the basil does look robust this year so there may be pesto in our future. Truthfully this post isn’t meant to be a complaining post, it’s to let you know that if you are fed up with your garden, for whatever reason, you are in good company, and the good news is hope springs in the form of a seed right around the corner.

I am over my summer garden but the fun in planning our fall garden has just begun!

Karen Lynn