Growing Beans

Reader Contribution by Heidi Nawrocki
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Beans, beans the musical fruit …. We love beans. We try to eat meatless several times a week and so it just made sense for us to grow dried beans. We grew five different varieties last year, and we fell in love with the ease of it. Plant some seeds, watch them grow, watch them wither away, and harvest the beans. We enjoyed them all winter, mainly in Mexican-esque dishes: black bean burritos and heirloom bean soft tacos.

This year we chose to grow just three varieties: Calypso, Hidasta Red, and Hidasta Shield Figure. Our garden isn’t doing so hot this year. Mainly thanks to the chickens. We also have a terrible time growing peppers. But beans we can do. And we love them! My husband and I use the time we shell them as a “date night.” We enjoy a glass of wine or beer (homemade or home brewed!) and catch up on our favorite podcasts. We’re simple folks to keep happy!

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