Garden Envy

Reader Contribution by April Freeman
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I’ll admit it.

I’m jealous.

We’ve been running about a month behind in everything these days. Usually, by now my sweet corn is at least hip high. My green beans have been producing for a while. I’m often getting my first juicy tomatoes from the garden and chopping them into fresh, tangy salsa.

But this year, none of that is happening right now. My garden should have gone in about six or seven weeks ago and because other stuff didn’t happen, it didn’t get planted.

Even my suburbanite friends have little garden patches that are producing and I am so jealous I can’t stand it. I want to be the one with baskets of green beans on the porch. I want to be putting up pickles and cutting corn off the cob. I want to be carefully tending my watermelons and being on the lookout for squash bugs.

I didn’t realize until this year how much I enjoy tending my vegetable garden in the summer. I love going out to the garden in the cool of the morning and planning my day’s work. I love picking green beans and watching the tomatoes turn from green to red.

Thankfully, since I live here in the South, my growing season is long. I can probably still have some veggies growing for the year, but it won’t be soon enough for me.

However, the delay has been helpful in other areas. I’ve been tending to the landscaping near the house and doing some long-awaited home maintenance tasks. The doors of the house have been needing paint for far too long. The shutters on the front of the house were damaged in a storm two years ago and should have been replaced.

So, I’ve tackled these much less satisfying but still needed jobs while I’m waiting on my garden.

I’ve primed and painted two of the three entry doors to the house. They’re now a cheery red. This is a project that I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time. The outside of the house looks much better.

But I still have garden envy.

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