The Best Types of Potatoes for Your Vegetable Garden (Video)

By Staff

The Best Types of Potatoes for Your Vegetable Garden (Video)

Caleb Regan, GRIT Managing Editor, answers a reader question: “What are some good types of potatoes to grow in a vegetable garden?”

The best types of potatoes for our garden and eating needs are Yukon gold potatoes and russets. Yukon gold potatoes are excellent for mashing, baking and frying, and new russet potatoes are delicious roasted and served whole.

You may be able to find local farmers who offer seed potatoes for purchase. In general, you should plant seed potatoes when the soil temperature is above 55-60 degrees F. Whether you plant your potatoes in the ground or in containers, be sure to keep the plants well-watered throughout the summer to ensure a good harvest.

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