2018 Edible Gardening Trends

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Today it is almost impossible to escape social media, instant news, 24/7 connectivity and the mental exhaustion that follows. In Garden Media Group’s 17th annual Garden Trends Report for 2018: Nature’s Rx for Mental Wellness, nature is the best medicine.

The rising trend of wellness isn’t just about what you put in your body; it’s about keeping the mind and spirit healthy, too.

Here’s a snapshot of the 2018 Garden Trends: Nature’s Rx for Mental Wellness. The complete report is available for free download on Garden Media’s Grow! blog (link to blog at bottom of page).

Grow Your Own Protein

There is a new consumer in town: The Flexitarian. Flexitarians are eating more plants and eating meat less often. Growing clean, sustainable, protein-rich foods at home is providing more control to the consumer. Keeping a balanced diet starts with feeding plants the right nutrients such as Espoma’s new organic liquid plant food line.

Gardeners tend to plant more transplants as they are introducing something new to a garden. Growing healthy seedlings that are rich in protein, such as edamame, peas and quinoa, will help keep profits up and consumers happy.

Purple Reign

Purple is the color of 2018, mirroring Pantone’s 2018 Ultra Violet. Purple goes beyond the vibrant color and often indicates nutrient density and antioxidants in food.

Grow more purple plants and colorful shrubs such as Bushel and Berry’s new compact blueberry and blackberry plants. Purple foods promote mental focus which is the first step in achieving mental wellness.

Climate Controlled

People can no longer rely on historical data to predict the climate in their own backyards. To adjust to these unpredictable times, Garden Media has outlined four climate controlled garden types. From wind-resistant gardens and desert gardens to rain gardens and freeze-proof gardens, each collection is designed to guide garden centers and gardeners toward successful choices for their climates.

Keeping up with the climate conditions and changes will make gardeners more confident in their purchases.

The complete 2018 Garden Trends Report: Nature’s Rx for Mental Wellness is available for free download now. Read Garden Media’s GROW! blog for weekly trend updates and industry news.

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