Summer Porches...

| 6/27/2012 9:48:26 AM

Many of us live in small towns...towns in which most of the homes are trimmed with porches. It's a simple pleasure to find a porch with rockers swaying in the breeze, or a wonderful old porch swing with plump pillows...just the right spot for an afternoon nap.

Some porches in our town are dressed-up with regal pillars alongside urns overflowing with ferns and ivy.


However; driving outside of town, we find smaller  porches with flower-covered latticework, Old Glory waving in the breeze, and enamelware pails filled with cheery red flowers. 

porch in town 

Still other porches are quite simple in nature...practical rain barrels and only a tin star for decoration. 

Robyn Dolan
7/5/2012 11:01:04 PM

Mary, I love sitting on the porch, watching the neighborhood go by. It's my favorite time of day.