Five Ways to Save Money on HVAC Repair or Replacement

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When it is winter, we expect our furnace to heat our homes. When the heat hits in the summer months, and if we have air conditioning, we hope it works when the temperature goes up.

How often do you think about your heating and cooling equipment? Do you know how often it needs to be maintained? Does your air conditioning or furnace need to be replaced?

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems can be expensive to replace. Sometimes the cost to repair your unit can be high. There are things you can do prevent or reduce the cost of an HVAC system repair or replacement.

Here are Five Ways to Save Money on Your HVAC System

1. Do research on different brands and models before purchasing. Compare the features between models, what you currently have versus what you want to get, as well as what is available for your area. Some of the larger home improvement stores offer on-site assistance and contract with third-party companies for installations and repairs. Write down a list of questions you think of, options you might want, and concerns.

2. Get three quotes from three different HVAC company in writing. Ask the questions you made in number one when speaking with each HVAC specialist. Be sure to inquire about equipment cost, installation fee, and other charges you may incur. Ask now so you are prepared later. This will help you budget for the installation. Read online reviews about each company and check their standings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

3. Are you looking to replace or upgrade your HVAC unit? If you currently only have a furnace and a new one is needed, will you replace or upgrade? Do you want to upgrade to a higher quality and more energy efficient furnace? Or would you rather spend more to include a heat pump for the added benefit of Air Conditioning? (Certain areas of the country are better suited for heat pumps. Heat pumps may or may not work with your current HVAC setup.)

4. Do you need to replace your unit or just have it serviced? Sometimes the HVAC unit needs to be serviced, not replaced. When speaking to the HVAC specialists in number two, be as specific as you can with the problems your equipment is experiencing. Help them help you by telling them of any noises or other things you have noticed.

5. Have HVAC unit serviced twice a year. According to Jay Ellis of Halo Heating and Cooling, “Have the unit serviced twice a year in the Spring and Fall. This keeps the customer’s warranty on the HVAC valid.”

An easy way to remember to schedule your HVAC unit service appointment is to create a reminder on your smart phone calendar. Use the repeat option so the reminders happen year after year. Be sure to keep your HVAC warranty papers in a fire proof box.

Saving money is always a good thing. Keeping your HVAC unit serviced and working properly will have you save money, reduce repairs, and hopefully prolong a replacement.