Five Things to Do When Your Roof Leaks

Reader Contribution by Adrienne Z. Milligan
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As soon as you notice your roof is leaking – especially if the water is coming into the interior of your home – you are probably going to go into panic mode. While containing the water coming into the home is important, so is stopping the leak.

When asked what is the most important thing to remember when the roof leaks, roofer and owner of Value Roofing Brian Glasser stated, “Call a roofer and get a tarp on the roof immediately.”

Hopefully you are reading this before the roof leaks. If your roof is currently leaking, read on to learn what the pros suggest for getting the leak under control.

Five Things to do When Your Roof Leaks

1. Get a tarp on the roof immediately. This is to keep more rain and debris from coming into the attic and the interior of the home. If you are unable to get up on the roof, see if a neighbor or friend is willing to help.

2. Call three roofers and request quotes from each company. Hopefully, you know one or have had one referred to you. In the urgency of a leaky roof, be sure to take the time to find a qualified roofer. While you want to get the leak fixed as soon as possible, hiring a roofer who is not licensed, bonded, or insured (regulations and licensing requirements vary by state) could add to your roof problems and cost more in repairs later. Check reviews by other customers of each company online at the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

3. Does your roof have a valid warranty? If so, remember to let each roofing company know about the warranty when calling for a quote or to schedule the repair. Have the warranty documentation available for the roofer to verify the its status once at your home.

4. While waiting for the roofer to arrive, move as many items as possible away from the leaky area. This keeps your belongings from water damage. It also clears the area for the ceiling to be fixed if needed.

5. Contact your home owner’s or renter’s insurance to see if your policy covers structural damage as well as belongings from a roof leak. Not all insurance policies are the same. If you are renting, you will need to notify your landlord or property management company as soon as you notice the leak. You may need permission from the landlord before hiring the roofer to fix the damage.

If you anticipate a leak or think you may have one, I hope these five things will help you be prepared for a leak if one occurs. Roof leaks can cause serious damage. If you think there is a leak, protect your home and investment by calling a roofer today.

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