Coopitecture: The Right Design for Your Chicken Coop (Video)

By Staff

You have more options than you think when choosing a coop for your chicken flock. It all depends on the size of your land, the landscape you have available, city regulations, and more. So how do you choose the right option, with the right dimensions for you and your birds?

Start with the location of your coop; find flat land, close to the necessary utilities, with both sunlight and shade. Then choose a design. Will you want a moveable chicken tractor for your small flock; a chicken wagon for your free-range birds; a stationary coop for your egg-layers? This video gives details on each, the pros and the cons, as well as possibilities for extra design features and factors to keep in mind for any flock and their coop.

Don’t forget to account for your own size and accessibility when you plan the design; someone’s going to need to look after those chickens and the coop they call home!

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