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“Judge every day not by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you sow.”Robert Louis Stevenson

Here at Chiot’s Run I start all of my vegetables and many of my herbs and plants from seed. I do this not only to save money, but because enjoy doing it. It’s a great way to help get through those long cold dark winter months here in NE Ohio. I also enjoy the wonder that comes from seeing tiny seeds grow into big beautiful plants.

Another reason I grow everything from seed myself is because I want to know what goes into my food. There isn’t an organic greenhouse around here from which I can purchase organic seedlings. That means that the ones I buy are coated with chemical fertilizers and insecticides, which is not OK with me when it comes to my food, or any other plants in my garden.

Last spring I did a Seed Starting 101 Series on my blog with ten in depth posts dealing with the different aspects of seed starting. I won’t re-post them here because the comment section of each post is filled with fabulous information from other seasoned gardeners. If you have never done it and are looking to give it a whirl head on over and read through this series. If you start all you plants from seed and are an expert head on over and add some advice to the comment section.

The Seed Starting 101 Series

Why Start from Seed

Getting Started


Soil Mix

The Needs of Seeds

My Workflow

Diseases and Problems

Hardening Off


Learn More Each Season

Do you start your own plants from seed?

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