Seed Catalogs--What's New for 2013

| 3/24/2013 12:08:05 PM

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The first signs of spring always awaken the gardener’s imagination and this year is no different.  So what are your plans for this year’s garden?  Do you plan to stick to your usual vegetables, or are you daring enough to try new varieties?

The 2013 seed catalogs have been arriving in my mail for about a month, some still on the way.  While all the catalogs I ordered aren’t here yet, I’d like to encourage you to visit the web site of the catalogs I’ve included.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is offering the cutest little sweet red mini bell pepper called Cupid.  A hybrid variety.  The fruits are blocky to slightly pointed and average 2 X 1 /34” and are particularly sweet when red.    Cupid Pepper

Cupid pepper - Photo courtesy of JohnnySeeds  

Bountiful Gardens offers imported seeds from England and have been working with small growers in the U.S. for Low-Acid Spinach.  This spinach has the lowest oxalic content of any variety but the iron and calcium in the leaf are more available.  No photo available. 

While thumbing through Territorial Seed Company my eye drifted to the right of the inside cover because of a book title, Drunken BotanistI smiled because my late husband was a botanist as well as a garden writer.  The book is about plants that create the world’s great drinks.  Very clever title.  But it doesn’t end there.  Territorial Seed actually has a Drunken Botanist Cocktail Garden Starter kit.  Each kit comes with 3 plants chosen by the author, Amy Stewart:  Cuban Mojito mint, tiny Mexican sour Gherkin cucumber, and the ultimate swizzle stick, Redventure celery.  I love tie-ins to gardens.  What a great gift this would make for a garden enthusiast that believes in experimentation or likes to grow their own drink material.

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It appears that the issues with the GRIT landing page and comment section has been resolved. I'm looking forward to hearing about what has been happening on your gardening/homestead this last month. May GRIT blogs live and prosper.

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