Raised Beds and Indoor Seedlings

Reader Contribution by Nebraska Dave
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The threat of winter came and went over the weekend with no really bad weather. The forecast was for snow, rain, and cold. We got the cold but no snow or rain, which was fine by me.

The week was filled with home, neighbor, and friend responsibilities, so only one garden workday was on the schedule.

I did manage to get one more raised bed finished and another started this week. The rock pile is dwindling, and more will be needed soon. I have planned one more bed in this area before the mulch is laid down and the fence around the area is built. The big wooden fence continues to keep out the deer, but a wire and electric fence is still needed to keep the raccoons and groundhogs from munching on what they believe is their buffet. It’s all starting to come together for this year.

This is lettuce planted three weeks ago. I’m not sure it’s going to make it to outside. The soil temperature was a chilly 35 degrees F under a frozen crust. Unless we get some really warm weather, soon this tray will end up being micro greens in a salad, which wouldn’t be all that bad. The heat mat is looking for another tray of something to start — it just could be lettuce.

The marigolds are looking great. It will be time to transplant them soon. So far, the heat mat and grow lights are producing a good amount of plants for the garden. It all seems to be better than in years past. I’m not sure what’s different, but I like it!

I’m hoping for better weather to get these plants out in the garden and start some real gardening. How about you? Any exciting things happening in the garden yet?

Nebraska Dave
Urban Farmer

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