Preparing Machines

Reader Contribution by Heather Colwell
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My family has the red tractor fever. If it is red and says Farmall on it, they have to have it. My husband and son had been watching a Farmall 560 sit in the weeds on a stretch of back road for several years. Finally, they couldn’t take it anymore and stopped to talk to the farmer that owned it. It would not start on its own and had been losing power so he had given up on it and there it sat. So they made an offer and with the encouragement of the farmer’s wife (who I think was tired of looking at the tractor just sitting there), the farmer accepted. The next weekend they took truck and trailer to the farm and loaded it up and brought it home.

While in the house, I heard some loud engine noise. Upon looking out the kitchen window, I saw my son on a streak of red under a cloud of smoke. He was rapidly driving the 560 across the backyard into the hayfield next door! They had dragged the 560 around the yard until she started, unhooked it, and then gave it a test drive. It needed a new water pump, new fluids, and a bit of a tune up! It is still a work in progress as it needs new glowplugs, some of the tin is missing, the seat is in need of repair, and a few other minor details. But she now starts on her own on a warm day and she has a name. Her name is Old Smokey.

She fits right in with the rest of the family. We have a Farmall H that was my grandfather’s tractor, a Farmall Super H that was my husband’s grandfather’s tractor, a Farmall M, a Farmall 300, and a Farmall 400. We also have a Massey Colt that was sold by my husband’s family at their Massey dealership, that was bought and brought back into the family. It would be great to get them all lined up and take a photo of them now in their work clothes. And hopefully we can restore them back to original condition someday and take another group picture!

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