6 Popular Rustic Décor Trends This Year

Reader Contribution by Megan Wild

There’s something about rustic, vintage décor inside your home that gives you that Southern-comfort feeling. People fall in love with antique styles and accents that help give their home a fresh, farm look. As trends come and go, there are a few you’re sure to see this year when it comes to farm décor:

Gallery Walls

It’s just not chic to have one or two picture frames on a wall anymore. Gallery walls are in, and they include more than just picture frames. Any unique and antique treasure you find can be incorporated on your gallery wall.

The key is to keep the theme simple and the colors similar. The wall should be filled with minimal space between each hanging. This look creates a vintage vibe, but it makes your wall look like a beautiful, large, focal point in a home.

It’s easy to add sentimental items to the wall as well. A monogram, for instance, is a great piece to include. You can also find vintage signs, printed quotes, or even black-and-white profile silhouettes to give your wall that farm feel.

Source: Pexels

Exposed Brick Fireplace

When remodeling a house, people often think to get rid of the brick. However, exposed brick is making a comeback. People want that rustic red look, and it looks amazing when it’s around a fireplace. Staying home is the new going out, so why not sit around a brick fireplace?

It’s the perfect way to spend time with friends and family. Having a brick fireplace and a cozy-looking mantel can make anyone feel comfortable inside your home. For a trendy look, try putting a television above the mantel and pairing it with vases, books, or other vintage treasures.

Classic Storage Ottomans

Having enough seating in a home isn’t always easy, and it often takes up a lot of space. Then, if you have blankets, magazines, or craft supplies, they need a place to go. Storage ottomans pull double-duty, providing an extra place to sit as well as to put things in.

Storage ottomans also come in a wide variety, so you’re sure to find the right size and color for your space. They’re a classic way to add a modern item and a timeless look in your home.

Source: Pexels

Reclaimed Barn Wood

The best thing about reclaimed wood is that there are so many ways you can use it to decorate. Whether it’s an entire wall of barn wood, the side panels of your kitchen island, or even around a fireplace, reclaimed wood is a simple addition.

Barn wood is the best way to reclaim actual, farm-found treasure, but you don’t have to decorate with barn wood specifically. If you can’t find affordable barn wood, pallets are the best way to go. Pallets can give you a similar look with the same rustic feel. They’re easy to reclaim, and they aren’t costly!

White-Washed Shiplap

Joanna Gaines from the well-known “Fixer Upper” television show is the queen of farmhouse décor. She is the epitome of goals when it comes to a well-designed interior — especially shiplap — and America has fallen in love with it. The popular look of shiplap is white, but you can also leave it as its natural color.
On the show, shiplap is found in Texas homes, but it’s easy to recreate. You may not be able to have the authentic version, but you can definitely install shiplap look-a-like walls in your home.

Let your inner Joanna Gaines run wild, and get your shiplap on.

Source: Pexels

Mason Jar Succulents

Mason jars are the stereotypical, easy, Southern decoration that anyone can use in their home. Another easy item would be succulents, and when it comes to farm décor, they pair with mason jars quite nicely.

You can use antique blue, green, or clear mason jars — or whichever color suits your style best. Succulents are easy to plant inside the mason jar, and they’re even easier to keep alive. The plants give your home an outdoorsy, fresh look.

Farmhouse décor is a popular look inside homes. Natural lighting can make a room look great, but the decorations that fill the room can make it look even better. Antique and vintage keepsakes have been the inspiration behind any room that has a farm feel to it. People simply can’t get enough of a rustic look for their home, and it’s easy to see why.

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