Plan Your Garden

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Grow your own vegetables this spring.
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Check out the GrowVeg website to plan your next garden.
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The website's logo.
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The website allows a gardener to plan a garden and keep records from year to year.

Planning a vegetable garden just got easier with a newly launched website for backyard gardeners. uses innovative online features to help both novice and experienced gardeners create the perfect plan for a bountiful vegetable and fruit garden. The Garden Planning Tool on makes it easy to create a visual diagram of your garden, and the website keeps track of what you have planted in previous years to ensure proper crop rotation.

The GrowGuides section of offers lots of helpful gardening information about a variety of topics ranging from natural pest control to companion planting for maximum garden performance. The GrowBlog section contains topical news and comments for backyard gardeners, with new content added regularly. offers a free 30-day trial of the Garden Planning Tool along with all the other features of the site.

Visit the website to log on and begin planning your next garden. Growing advice is just one click away as you select the plants you wish to include, enabling you to solve problems and maximize your harvest from the space you have. An annual subscription costs just $25.

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